Wealth and Death: Threats and the Medical Link

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Herland Report: Covid-19 Fear producing Gigantic Billionaire Wealth: The Covid-19 scandal continues to transfer billions into the pockets of the already ultra-rich, while national economies are faltering under the weight of mass unemployment, bankruptcies, debt and despair.

Merging private capital with government funds, the goal of the #Davos World Economic Forum, opens up for a modern billionaire feudalism where the very few gain, writes historian Hanne Nabintu Herland in her regular column at World Net Daily, the largest Conservative network in America.

The world’s super-rich did extremely well during the 2020 coronavirus crisis, increasing their already-huge fortunes by 10 billion USD from April to July alone, according to a UBS and PwC study. America’s richest further boosted their fortunes by $195 billion USD in President Biden’s first 100 days.

The economic effects of Covid-19 fear has been addressed in a previous article at World Net Daily, as I pointed out that few discuss the massive redistribution of wealth, as the Covid economic crisis makes billionaires’ such as “world health medical expert” Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and others’ fortunes soar with gigantic billion dollar profits.

With more than 3 billion vaccines now administered, Big Pharma owners are set to gain even more.

Covid-19 Fear producing Gigantic Billionaire Wealth: At the same time, the inequality gap is rocketing with one billion human beings set to plunge into utter poverty. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has described a high-damage scenario, writing that 80 % of the Covid economic crisis will persist for more than a decade and stall growth for a much longer time than expected.

So, how was this remarkable shift towards modern economic feudalism made possible? For one, the answer is fear. Let us take a look at one of the scientists who in 2020 helped fuel the fear of Corona, as we called the virus back then.

Dr. Neil Ferguson, the man behind the Imperial College Report, which showed that up to 65 million could die from Covid-19, was central in shifting the UK and US from the herd immunity strategy to society lockdown. The Imperial report predicted that half a million could die in the UK without lockdown.

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