Covid : The U.S. Military’s Response to Defeat

The chaos in Afghanistan now, that Biden is being blamed for, is just more of the same. It was George W. Bush, 20 years ago, who instigated the latest war based on the rules of never-never land. But the United Stated of America has always been a war-loving nation..The USA was birthed in the war for independence against Britain There has scarcely been a year since when young men have not been asked, but usually ordered, to lay down their lives for a questionable rationale cooked up by the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Here is a brief summary of our actions.

In the 18th century, along with fighting Britain, we were in numerous Indian Wars.

In the 19th century up to the 20th century, the Indian Wars continued with one tribe after another, in one location after another, with hardly a break to catch our breath. For good measure, we also went to war with the Barbery States in the Mediterranean, and several times with Mexico. We fought several wars with China to pave the way for our the opium sales that China was opposed to, and we fought our own citizens in the Utah Mormon War, the Bleeding Kansas War, and the John Brown Harpers Ferry War.

While the Indian Wars continued during the American Civil War, we made our first attack on Korea in the 19th century. In that century we also invaded Samoa, the Philippines, and Cuba.

In the 20th Century. our attacks continued on China the (Boxer Rebellion), Mexico, and American Indians. We also attack the Dominican Republic, Haiti. Russia, VietNam, and Lebanon. Then there was WWI and WWII after which we were involved in attacks on Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Korea and Kosovo..

In the 21st Century, we have been involved, so far, in wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Uganda. Cuba may be next. We have learned that our chance for victory is much better, if not guaranteed, if we concentrate our artillery on smaller, weaker nations.

We have not won every war but we have never let defeat slow us down. When we evacuate we typically leave behind huge stashes of war mongering equipment as well as billion dollar state-of-the-art embassies – Afghanistan has 5 – and usually U.S. troops are permanently stationed there, to maintain the peace, of course. The U.S. today has troops in 177 countries circling the globe, at an annual cost to taxpayers of over $100 billion.

The U.S. Is known world-wide for it’s bullying, bellicose foreign policy. One of our most favored and potent weapons for destroying a nation is ‘sanctions’, which is sometimes used as an adjunct to war. Sanctions mean that no other nation can trade with it, and if they do the U.S, will issue severe consequences to the disobeying country. Therefore, the sanctioned nation is effectively isolated. This policy has resulted in enormous amount of death and destruction to civilians, including children, in disfavored countries.

It’s no wonder that the U.S., like Israel, is so hated in the rest of the world. As soon as possible some nation that has been on the receiving end of U.S. foreign policy will develop a technique that will cause dire consequences for the U.S.

What is a wonder is that so few American citizens are aware of the danger that our military has created for us. But then, citizens, by design, rarely learn of anything significant from the government or it’s proxy, the evening news.

It’s also a wonder that CIA spies and Department of Defense have been allowed to be so cavalier about the likelihood of blowback. But then, the generals have become, or intend to become, very rich from endless wars and are indifferent to the impact of their actions on the rest of us.

But the world is changing before our eyes. Germany’s myopic leader Angela Merkel is siding with Russia against the U.S, in the pipeline dispute. The new pipeline from Russia will guarantee Germany a source of gas nearby at a reasonable cost, but is jeopardizing the profits of the U.S. energy sector. The U.S. is not pleased but the German citizens are.

Russia, in addition, has developed military hardware unmatched in the U.S. and for which the U.S. has no defense. The U.S. is at last out-gunned despite our enormous financial commitment to war, the cheer leading of the Generals for endless wars, and the benefit to the economy and employment figures that war bestows.

For the first time, the U.S. has had to consider the wishes of countries it has scapegoated and demonized for decades. Whatever happened to Syria, Russia’s ally? That issue dropped off America’s radar at the same time that the world learned of Russia’s new military might.

With foreign military maneuvers winding down, with the consent of our ruling class, and with a complicit media, DOD rearranged it’s enemies list. They looked for a new opponent that would be an easy target and keep them in business.

As they perused for a new target, they stretched and manipulated their criteria until they found one. They believed the American population could be scammed into believing that our own neighbors, meaning Proud Boys and Antifa but definitely not Black Lives Matter, were the enemy. A citizens group would be largely defenseless against the well equipped and well financed professional fighting machine that we own. And best of all, the war against Americans would be paid for by America!


Why would the DOD believe they could get away with it? The answer is Covid. Based on flimsy, adulterated, data regarding illness and deaths, an ‘expert’ named Fauci whipped the country into a frenzy. Economy-killing lockdowns were supposed to solve the transmission of the disease. It didn’t, So then they moved on to the useless injunction for mask wearing. That didn’t work either. Well, no matter. The pandemic would certainly yield to the inadequately tested, unapproved, dangerous vaccine which was actually not a vaccine at all. It is a genetic experiment with totally unknown outcomes. Statistics are showing that for all the danger the vaccinated are unknowingly accepting, the ‘vaccines’ don’t work either.

Country after country followed the lead of the U.S. as it caved to the ‘experts’ on the handling of a pandemic that wasn’t. In one country after another millions of people protested the nonsense of lockdowns and masks, and got nowhere. Despite the indoctrination that we live in a democracy, the naked truth became clear. We the people simply don’t matter. And our votes don’t count.

That’s what the DOD knows. They’ve apparently decided that if Fauci could fool the world and with dire consequences, they could to. I’m betting that the next American war will be, for the first time in our centuries of making war, on our own soil.

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