Vladimer Putin of Russia: Statesman

by Cameron Salisbury

Allow me to introduce you to a remarkable man that you’ve heard of but to whom you have never been properly introduced. His name is Vladimer Putin.

As you will see, he is actually a peace maker and statesman not only of the decade but possibly of the century. Time will tell.

Equipped with a law degree, he came to power in Russia, the result of his work for the state, his recognized brilliance, planning and organizing ability, after a stint with the KGB, as some of the U.S. powers, like Bush senior, came through the CIA. It’s hard to find any acknowledgment of his genius and achievements any where in the Western press, including the Encyclopedia Britannica. But far from being an enemy of the West, a closer look reveals a calming presence in the face of a repeated Western (U.S.) affronts and apparent false flag operations.

It’s been a tribute to Putin that the U.S. has devoted so much time and energy in a relentless struggle to make him a pariah. They’ve done so largely because the Department of Defense needed a military enemy to maintain it’s gargantuan annual budget. In addition, the U.S. power base wanted no threat to its own world leadership position which Russia, with Putin’s leadership, existentially posed.

Although the government’s media lapdogs succeeded in making Putin’s name toxic in America, it’s success was notably lacking in much of the rest of the world. And in Russia, where he was first appointed president in 1999, he has been elected by increasing margins every time he ran. He has served as prime minister or president every year for over 20 years, most recently elected by a 80% plurality. Although denigrated by the U.S. as a fake election, an identical reaction to all Putin achievements, it’s hard to argue with his popularity no matter how many of his domestic enemies the U.S. locates and supports.

His achievements are obviously in line with those of the people he serves.

When he came to power one of his first goals was to reign in the fabulously wealthy Jewish oligarchs who had seized control of a fragmented, failing economy during the run up to dissolution of the Soviet Union.

He organized military action against the Chechnya secessionist terrorists.

He made the government more efficient and created a controlled market economy. There is a private sector but no anything-goes style American capitalism.

He refused to tolerate manufactured dissension, removed foreign-funded NGOs, and released thousands of political prisoners.

He stood up to the U.S., and eliminated the threat of American military action against Syria for a phantom chemical weapons charge.

When the U.S. tossed all of its diplomats out of the country, Russia reacted by inviting all U.S. diplomats in Russia to a party. The military quest for a war with Russia was thwarted again.

Russia has reacted with unruffled grace – so far – to the U.S. build up of ‘NATO’ bases on it’s border. As well as to the infringement of its water ways in what the U.S. says are routine maneuvers.

The U.S. has repeatedly interfered in the domestic affairs of Russia, as when it insisted that Russia get out of Ukraine, after the population of Ukraine had voted to be part of Russia. It also insisted that Russia get out of Crimea, which Russia couldn’t possibly accomplish because it had a naval base there. Once again, It ignored the bellicose U.S.

The Russia Winter Olympics in Sochi, in February, 2014, were disrupted by what some called a false flag operation in Georgia which seemed designed to cast a shadow on an otherwise successful program.

Notwithstanding the aplomb with which Russia has handled U.S. and it’s EU puppets provocations so far, all is not well. Russia recognizes the threat posed by what it considers ongoing, baseless affronts and has taken steps to neutralize any attack.

It has developed a new hypersonic missile that goes many times the speed of sound and is mobile. It can be fired from a truck bed anywhere in the country to virtually anywhere in the world, is deadly and be easily transported to a different, undisclosed, location. Russia has a far smaller military budget than many other countries but apparently has not wasted a cent. The U.S. has nothing similar.

Putin’s Russia has upped the ante for warfare and put the U.S. on notice. The world is most likely a safer place because of Russian ingenuity.