Bad Actors and Covid-19: What Comes Next?

by Cameron Salisbury

Our public health system has thoroughly discredited itself, as everyone knows unless they get their news from the main stream media.  CDC has been caught cooking the books on Covid for both illness and deaths.  Anthony Fauci should be prosecuted for lies that destroyed the economy, and for contributing to the weaponization – known as ‘gain of function’ research – of a virus in China.  The WHO in Geneva has its own passel of lies to defend.

The current ‘vaccines’ are agents of death and disability as is now well known by the Establishment- their dangerous results a well documented fact carefully and deliberately hidden from you by the main stream media (MSM).  There can be no accounting yet for the amount now  owed by US taxpayers who are on the hook to compensate vaccine victims since pharmaceutical companies were long ago granted freedom from liability for their deadly products. Big Pharma’s release from responsibility was also a release from accountability.  They now have no reason to create safe products.  So they don’t.

Around the world, every locked down nation including the U.S. has seen millions of its citizens demonstrating against the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, which you wouldn’t know from the evening news. No one ever voted for the destruction of healthy economies in service to a nonexistent pandemic based on doctored numbers. No one lobbied for the destruction of childhood education, for robbing the dying of their families, for closing colleges and universities, for creating a rampant abuse of narcotics and alcohol.  Why are voices of the citizenry ignored in a democracy? How, and why, did we get here?  Can we get out? What is ahead?

Now that populations in almost every country have shown Dr Fauci and his clones how easy it is to frighten and then manipulate the world, its a given that they will try it again.  In fact, now that news readers concerns about Covid-19 ‘infections’ are dying away, they’ve already cooked up another reason to intimidate us.  A new variant now appearing in almost every state, we’re told, is even more contagious and deadly than the original.  Aside from the words of shrill, paid charlatans, there has been no evidence that we have anything to fear from the Delta virus.  We’ve seen no numbers of cases or deaths, nor any indication of genuine illness.  They haven’t yet started screaming about overrun emergency rooms or hospitalized patients.  Why is that?  Could it be because there are none?  Maybe they’re trying out a new scam to see how well it plays before launching into overdrive. They are probably pinching themselves in wonder over how well the last scam worked.

And Big Pharma must be beside itself over the profits they’ve generated from the experimental genetic manipulation that they’ve been able to sell as a ‘vaccine.’  The FDA was never asked to approve it.  It’s administered without the informed consent required for experimental drugs.  No one knows what the long term effects will be, but many, many, professionals have tried to warn the public to stay away from any injection or drug  that manipulates genes, has no FDA approval and, actually, no history of any kind.  And experimental injections should be kept far away from vulnerable children, who may suffer long term, or deadly, damage.  Incredibly to numerous censored physicians and other thoughtful observers, there has been no official push back to the idea that children are expendable if profits are involved.

Ok.  What comes next?

Currently, according to censored information, there is a massive amount of side effect damage among all of the so-called ‘vaccines’ (see Dr. Mercola’s website.).  Since vaccines normally take years to develop, anything brought to market at ‘warp speed’ can be expected to make problems for us.

Instead of relying on Big Pharma to keep us well it seems like time to learn to do it ourselves.  First, trust your own body.  You were gifted at birth with a powerful ally for health:  your God-given immune system.  Maintain a healthy, organic, diet and trust it.

When the immune system is overwhelmed, we should listen to the voices of the knowledgable men and women who are on our side.  That excludes our tax-collecting government, the FDA, the CDC, Dr Fauci’s NIH, and all of the media who get their marching orders from the White House and regurgitate them without research or question.

And what have those voices been saying? They’re saying that a few simple practices could have put away the scare and saved us and the economy.  The vitamins and minerals, available everywhere and extremely effective, are vitamins  C, D and the mineral zinc.

Vitamin C alone can save us from much more than Covid.  Take several grams every day – stop when it gives you diarrhea -and notice how much healthier you are.  You will be resistant to colds, the flu, and any other bugs that try to invade your cells.

If more firepower is needed to combat an illness like Covid, savvy doctors, like Dr.Scott Atlas and Dr. Mercola, recommend a few safe, cheap and possibly extremely effective drugs that have been used for years and have a nonlethal history.

Drugs like hydroxychloroquine, an old drug used for malaria, which President Trump used and recommended, and ivermectin, a decades decades-old anti-parasitic drug which has shown good results against Covid. There is also remdesivir.

Don’t expect any official recommendation for therapies that enrich neither Big Pharma, the medical profession, or our government.  In fact, Google removes alternative medical possibilities from it’s search engine.  You will find the most life-affirming, best, information at the websites  for medical and other alternatives listed at the right.

There are other things you can do.  Resist.  Refuse to wear masks.  Stick with your social obligations and your family.  Find an honest school where you can send your kids.  Form groups who believe in the same rights that you do and who refuse to be intimidated.

Judging from the millions of protesters, we are on the brink of freedom.











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