A 21st Century Nation of Immigrants

by Cameron Salisbury

Over and over you hear it from the far left: We’re a nation of immigrants, we all came from immigrant ancestors, so what’s wrong with having our borders violated by aliens today?

Well, so far the invasion of the U.S. by an estimated 22 million illegal Mexicans and others from Central America hasn’t seemed to be terribly disruptive. We have lots of new Mexican restaurants and tons of low-pay, low-skill, lawn mowers and house cleaners. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? Except for the prospects of our own lower class which has seen its wages stagnate, decline, and disappear due to the competition from unskilled, illiterate, non-English speakers who will work for almost nothing, and the businesses that are happy to employ them.

But the impact of mass immigration has effects far beyond the convenience of low-paid aliens.

The tolerance for migrants, into a now settled country with laws and borders, changed drastically with the election of Joe Biden in ways that Americans will no longer be able to let slide. Many thousands of aliens with no appreciation for our laws, our history,

or our way of life are now entering the country monthly and being bussed throughout the country by the federal government. Sixteen thousand camped out under the bridge at Del Rio, Texas, recently, secure in the fact that Biden’s government would take care of them. Another 60,000, it’s reported, are making their way through Mexico now.

The Haitian travellers are doing their best to obscure the fact that they did not come from Haiti. They have been living in Chile, Bolivia and other South American countries for years, perfectly safe, as attested to by the hundreds of discarded driver’s licenses found in the Mexican desert. They just didn’t want to support themselves, They preferred American taxpayer support for food, education for their kids, housing, and all other government hand outs. An estimated 25% are diseased and need medical care, They are also well aware of handouts available from our charities. Local food banks and others are being tapped out leaving little for needy Americans. To stay afloat, charities advertise incessantly for your donations.

We know who is paying to keep these people in the U.S. – us. But who is paying for the migration of these people? Panama and Costa Rica were so anxious to get rid of these aliens that they used their own money to bus them to the border. The same cannot be said for their South American points of departure or for Nicaragua, Honduras, or Mexico. George Soros has been paying to undermine America through Black Lives Matter and antifa. He’s been accused of funding false flag operations. Is he also feeding and transporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to the U.S. to destabilize the country?

What affect will that have on our ability to access medical care, housing, food stamps, charity services, and on our taxes? What affect will it have on our crime rate and our police protection? The European Union, with its millions of recently arrived Arabs, has been overwhelmed with crime against the natives and especially against women.

The deported Haitians tried to hijack several of the planes returning them to their home country. They have had numerous reported altercations with other Haitians and with border agents. Do we want these people here? How are they adding to our lives?

As millions arrive in this country speaking their own language, they maintain their native customs once here. It’s well documented that Somalis who reside in the U.S. continue the illegal practice of genital mutilation on their own daughters.

It’s also well documented that numerous aliens residing in America never learn English. It’s possible to find Mexicans who have lived in this country for 30 years who can’t communicate with non-Spanish speaking Americans. There are so many aliens living here that they don’t have to bother learning English. They have their own community.

What language will the Haitians choose to speak? It’s guaranteed that, like Mexicans, they will also form their own community once they are rejected as unwanted transgressors by their new, financially strapped, countrymen. Without skills or literacy, they will have no way of achieving the American dream that they came for.

We could be looking at the incipient balkanization of the U.S.

What happens when disaffected foreigners buy guns?

The Sensible People

by Cameron Salisbury

About half the U.S. population has been ‘vaccinated’. Since the remaining population is unwilling to be jabbed some think they should be punished by being required to show a vaccine passport that they don’t have or denied entry into a myriad of places. Right? Or are the unvaccinated the more sensible?

If a person has been vaccinated, then s/he is protected from Covid. Isn’t that what vaccines are for? And if a person is protected why should s/he worry about whether anyone else is vaccinated?

Maybe the hysterical who want to make sure every single person in the U.S. is jabbed, should get a grip, get educated and enjoy their own vaccinated status while leaving everyone else alone.

Or do they know something we don’t?

Here’s what we do know.

1) The ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine. Although you weren’t allowed to see it, this fact has been widely reported in the alternative press. It’s called mRNA which is a clue to it’s components. It’s a genetic experiment that has not been tested or vetted. We are its lab rats.

2) Will it damage us physically or mentally? The answer appears to be yes. No one can predict what will happen either now or years from now to those who allow their genes to be altered with a misnamed ‘vaccine’ for the sake of a mild disease with vastly inflated, in the U.S., numbers of cases and deaths.

3) We also know that hundreds of deaths have been observed so far among the newly vaccinated. Reseachers are saying more people may be dying from the ‘vaccine’ than died from Covid. And that’s just the beginning. The long term effects are waiting in the wings.

It has been announced that the U.S. has a higher case rate than any other country. The corruption in case counting is clear for all to see. Did they think they could keep it a secret?

4) We know from censored reports (see Dr Mercola.com and LewRockwell.com) that there are effective, nonlethal, remedies, reported by many physicians, including ivermectin, the anti-parasitic medication used for animals that is also a powerful therapeutic for people, and hydrochloroquine, an old and effective remedy for Covid. Just ask Donald Trump.

Both of these medicines are effective and neither of them are deadly. Why aren’t they recommended by WHO, the AMA, CDC or your local doctor? It’s not for your benefit.


Doctors and citizens have also found a number of useful natural remedies, like zinc, vitamin D-3, and Vitamin C. People who have used this therapy swear by it.

Why the hard push for vaccines? Vaccines have been around for decades and there has never before been a hard sell to get everyone vaccinated. Many of our vaccines are for conditions that have been eradicated or are rare in the U.S. That includes most childhood diseases. Smallpox was eradicated from the world in the 1970’s, while I was at CDC. So why are our kids still being vaccinated for it?

What is going on here?

Is the government planning to create a state of permanent emergency?

–The lockdown was supposed to “flatten the curve” within a few weeks. Remember? It didn’t work.

–Wearing masks was supposed to fix the problem. It didn’t work either.

–Staying 6 feet apart was a sure cure. Except it wasn’t.

To maintain the pretense of a pandemic, officials have had to create a new Covid variant – the Delta variant. This could go on forever with one new Covid variety after another cropping up. Requiring one booster shot after another. Or for as long as we’ll put up with it.

There was never a good reason for the lockdown. Non-inflated numbers told of few serious cases. Most people got sick and then they got well, Those who died were the elderly and physically compromised. Like happened with the flu.

The foreign news tells repeatedly about massive demonstrations in one country after another as citizens protest the gulag-like interference with their liberty.

There are undeniable signs, mostly unreported, of popular dissension here in the U.S. as well, as thousands of doctors petition the government for an actual fact based approach, as football games, concerts, and more are jammed with unmasked, near-neighbors, participants thumbing their collective noses at the government. Businesses and hospital wings from coast to coast have been required to shutter as a result of Biden’s uncompromising vaccine mandate, and the stringent obstinancy of the public.

Unyielding belligerence may be what it takes to regain and preserve our liberty. Because those with new found power won’t voluntarily relinquish it.


Unavoidable Afghanistan Chaos? How Did Russia Do It?

President Biden stated emphatically that chaos was a natural result of the decision to unilaterally withdraw U.S. troops from an expensive and deadly 20 year standoff in Afghanistan. It was done suddenly, catastrophically, without notice. It couldn’t have been done any other way, Biden said. And he was right. Given the way the U.S. military–CIA chose to do it, the disaster was inevitable.

Well, this wasn’t the first withdrawal of a losing invader to leave Afghanistan.

By the late1980s the Russian government knew that the war they had been waging for roughly 6 years, to prop up a friendly Afghan government, was unwinnable. They decided they needed to leave the country, spent a year deciding how to do it and then 3 years implementing a coordinated plan. The plan consisted of bringing the Afghani military and government along so that it would be effective after Russia left. When they finally left after 10 years, it surprised no one. Their soldiers and equipment went with them.

The Afghan population did not.

There are pictures on the internet of a convoy of Soviet tanks threading its way out of Afghanistan returning home. Russia supported the Afghan government for several years until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. And the Afghan government that the Soviets had supported lasted for years.

But leadership, organization and intelligent planning weren’t the Soviet’s only advantages. Russia had been a close neighbor of Afghanistan. It was familiar with Afghanistan’s people and history.

And it had the good sense to back a viable problem-solver to lead the country, in contrast to the U.S. which chose to back a highly educated intellectual with no people skills or ability to handle conflicts.

Most of all, the USSR lacked the hubris that kept America in an unwinnable war for two decades, cost tens of thousands of lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars. The pundits are lamenting the sudden erasure of U.S. international influence, but what of the opinion of the Americans who underwrite them?

Can we continue to finance an out of control government that is diminishing our own and our kids lives? That is largely run by unelected advisors and lobbyists for their own enrichment? Where is the line?

Dirty Hospitals, Deadly Consequences

It looked like a crime scene.

As I walked down the hospital corridor to visit an ailing friend, I was struck by the number of rooms with closed doors covered in yellow ‘caution – keep out’ tape. These were rooms housing a patient with a deadly and highly contagious hospital-acquired infection, like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureous), C Diff (C Difficile) or Sepsis. All are caused by easily corrected hospital practices that endanger patients, including a lack of hand washing, contaminated instruments, and unsanitary procedures.

It was a crime scene.

Infections are among the most prevalent and preventable sources of harm to hospital patients, but they are far from alone in the danger they pose.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) first brought widespread attention to the simmering problem of an indifferent and deadly health care system in 1999 with their gently-titled report: To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. Extrapolating from the handy, inclusive and available Medicare database, they estimated 98,000 deaths a year due to infections, medication errors, unnecessary surgeries and other types of hospital and doctor malfeasance. The analysis was based on data from 1984 and is now nearly 40 years old.  Although the authors of the IOM report clearly hoped that the medical-pharmaceutical establishment would use the facts to become less deadly, that has not happened.

Today science and health professionals are estimating that physician and hospital errors as well as pharmaceuticals and out-of hospital deaths caused by hospital practices, are the number one cause of death in the U.S.  

Updated information suggests that the actual number of people killed in hospitals is over 500.000 a year, which would make in-hospital care alone one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

The numbers don’t include those who survive their hospital stay but live with injury or disability, which is estimated to be three times the number of deaths, an incredible tragedy by itself.

Further, the estimate fails to reflect the massive amount of under-reporting  of medical errors by hospitals and physicians. An independent investigation of patient records by the Health and Human Services Administration in 2012 identified over whelming numbers of unreported events. It concluded:

… more than 130,000 Medicare beneficiaries experienced one or more adverse events in hospitals in a single month. …. Hospitals report only about 1 in 7 incidents of patient harm.

And this:

An estimated 1.5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries experienced an event that contributed to their deaths,” the [HHS] found, “which projects to 15,000 patients in a single month.”

How does the American Hospital Association defend its constituents? According to their spokesman:

… the last decade of unprecedented cost-cutting and financial instability has impacted all areas of hospital care.

It’s had an effect on infection control and it’s had an effect on [hospitals] ability to recruit and retain workers. It’s had an effect on our ability to invest in new and updated equipment as much as we would like to,” said Rick Wade, spokesman for the AHA.

‘It’s also a question in front of society: How much do you want to invest in high-quality, safe medical care?”

There you have it. You didn’t expect a ‘we’re sorry and we’ll do better’ defense, did you? Don’t expect hospitals to be safe and healthy, they say, if you don’t pay us more and then we’ll give it a shot.

The federal government is waking up to the massive financial cost of doctor and hospital malpractice and doing something about it: It’s docking reimbursement for readmissions to fix reasonably preventable harm, including Never Events, things that should never happen and which are not considered for any type of compensation, including:

Transfusing the wrong type of blood – a Never Even
Secondary operations as a result of leaving equipment inside of a patient during the first procedure — a Never Event.
Air embolism – a Never Event
Post operative infections,
All other infections linked to hospital procedures, such as catheters
Medication errors including harm to diabetic patients
Pressure ulcers (bed sores)
Dislocations, fractures or head injuries caused by falls
Burns and electric shocks to patients

Private health insurers are now adopting federal reimbursement guidelines.

Hospitals may have been happy to ignore malpracrice within their doors as long as they were getting paid to fix the problems they caused, but withdrawing even minimal payment for repairing their damage was simply too much to ask – so most often, they lie.  Lawyers and hospital administrators have taken up the cause, offering advice on how to get around the rules and continue to be fully reimbursed for misconduct. The most popular recommendation is to manipulate records to make it look as though the hospital wasn’t responsible for the damages they caused.

If you’re not a hospitalist, you may not be happy to be asked to change your documentation so that the hospital can get paid more …
Hospitals … will continue to closely oversee physician documentation on Medicare patients.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, medical and pharmaceutical harm outside of hospitals doesn’t get “tucked into an easily analyzed data base like Medicare.” Total harm, it concludes, is likely to be much more prevalent and severe than scientific studies can substantiate.

It is … probable that medical practice … is actually the number one cause of death and disability in the US.

Consumers Reports analyzed data from hospitals in almost every state and gave composite grades for patient safety for each one. Distressingly, no hospital earned a grade higher than a mediocre 72 out of a possible 100, and most failed convincingly.

Far too many of the most well known hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, New York-Presbyterian, and Mount Sinai Medical Center had grades so low that they should probably be closed to safeguard the public.

A number of hospitals throughout the country, including Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, could not be analyzed because they refused to submit the necessary information.

Did you know that the death rate drops when surgeons go on strike?

It is clear that once we are admitted to the hospital, our life is in our own hands. But we are not without resources. Here are some survival tips:

1. Never go to a hospital for a condition that is not an emergency. For scheduled surgery, remember that outpatient surgical centers can do a much better job of controlling their environment and maintaining accountability than hospitals where responsibility for patient care is diffused.

2. Keep track of medications your doctor says you should be taking and what hospital staff wants to give you. Know the dosages and take notes. Medication errors are a serious source of patient injury and death.

3. Try to wean yourself from all pharmaceuticals, which, as their ads are legally obligated to note, are extremely dangerous. Get used to the idea that all drugs are unnatural chemical additions to the human body and, in varying degrees, are all poisons. Herbals, spices, vitamins, and botanicals, as well as your own mind, can be excellent substitutes that can heal you without endangering your life. Do a little internet research, some experimentation, and improve your chances for staying alive and healthy.

4. Make sure that no one touches you who is not sterile. If the nurse puts on surgical gloves and then picks up the remote that you dropped, s/he is no longer sterile and must not touch you until s/he is.

5. Stay as far from medical radiation and other questionable procedures as possible. Make sure you know the reason for x-rays and other measures and how they will affect your treatment. If their only purpose is to satisfy the doctor’s curiosity and will have no effect on your prognosis or treatment, politely decline.

6. Ask questions. Your survival may depend on how much of a pain in the butt you are. Do it with a smile and expect the best.

The only solution to our deadly medical care system is you the patient. According to the Journal of Patient Safety:

The epidemic of patient harm in hospitals must be taken more seriously if it is to be curtailed. Fully engaging patients and their advocates during hospital care and systematically seeking the patients’ voice in identifying harms….

Covid : The U.S. Military’s Response to Defeat

The chaos in Afghanistan now, that Biden is being blamed for, is just more of the same. It was George W. Bush, 20 years ago, who instigated the latest war based on the rules of never-never land. But the United Stated of America has always been a war-loving nation..The USA was birthed in the war for independence against Britain There has scarcely been a year since when young men have not been asked, but usually ordered, to lay down their lives for a questionable rationale cooked up by the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Here is a brief summary of our actions.

In the 18th century, along with fighting Britain, we were in numerous Indian Wars.

In the 19th century up to the 20th century, the Indian Wars continued with one tribe after another, in one location after another, with hardly a break to catch our breath. For good measure, we also went to war with the Barbery States in the Mediterranean, and several times with Mexico. We fought several wars with China to pave the way for our the opium sales that China was opposed to, and we fought our own citizens in the Utah Mormon War, the Bleeding Kansas War, and the John Brown Harpers Ferry War.

While the Indian Wars continued during the American Civil War, we made our first attack on Korea in the 19th century. In that century we also invaded Samoa, the Philippines, and Cuba.

In the 20th Century. our attacks continued on China the (Boxer Rebellion), Mexico, and American Indians. We also attack the Dominican Republic, Haiti. Russia, VietNam, and Lebanon. Then there was WWI and WWII after which we were involved in attacks on Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Korea and Kosovo..

In the 21st Century, we have been involved, so far, in wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Uganda. Cuba may be next. We have learned that our chance for victory is much better, if not guaranteed, if we concentrate our artillery on smaller, weaker nations.

We have not won every war but we have never let defeat slow us down. When we evacuate we typically leave behind huge stashes of war mongering equipment as well as billion dollar state-of-the-art embassies – Afghanistan has 5 – and usually U.S. troops are permanently stationed there, to maintain the peace, of course. The U.S. today has troops in 177 countries circling the globe, at an annual cost to taxpayers of over $100 billion.

The U.S. Is known world-wide for it’s bullying, bellicose foreign policy. One of our most favored and potent weapons for destroying a nation is ‘sanctions’, which is sometimes used as an adjunct to war. Sanctions mean that no other nation can trade with it, and if they do the U.S, will issue severe consequences to the disobeying country. Therefore, the sanctioned nation is effectively isolated. This policy has resulted in enormous amount of death and destruction to civilians, including children, in disfavored countries.

It’s no wonder that the U.S., like Israel, is so hated in the rest of the world. As soon as possible some nation that has been on the receiving end of U.S. foreign policy will develop a technique that will cause dire consequences for the U.S.

What is a wonder is that so few American citizens are aware of the danger that our military has created for us. But then, citizens, by design, rarely learn of anything significant from the government or it’s proxy, the evening news.

It’s also a wonder that CIA spies and Department of Defense have been allowed to be so cavalier about the likelihood of blowback. But then, the generals have become, or intend to become, very rich from endless wars and are indifferent to the impact of their actions on the rest of us.

But the world is changing before our eyes. Germany’s myopic leader Angela Merkel is siding with Russia against the U.S, in the pipeline dispute. The new pipeline from Russia will guarantee Germany a source of gas nearby at a reasonable cost, but is jeopardizing the profits of the U.S. energy sector. The U.S. is not pleased but the German citizens are.

Russia, in addition, has developed military hardware unmatched in the U.S. and for which the U.S. has no defense. The U.S. is at last out-gunned despite our enormous financial commitment to war, the cheer leading of the Generals for endless wars, and the benefit to the economy and employment figures that war bestows.

For the first time, the U.S. has had to consider the wishes of countries it has scapegoated and demonized for decades. Whatever happened to Syria, Russia’s ally? That issue dropped off America’s radar at the same time that the world learned of Russia’s new military might.

With foreign military maneuvers winding down, with the consent of our ruling class, and with a complicit media, DOD rearranged it’s enemies list. They looked for a new opponent that would be an easy target and keep them in business.

As they perused for a new target, they stretched and manipulated their criteria until they found one. They believed the American population could be scammed into believing that our own neighbors, meaning Proud Boys and Antifa but definitely not Black Lives Matter, were the enemy. A citizens group would be largely defenseless against the well equipped and well financed professional fighting machine that we own. And best of all, the war against Americans would be paid for by America!


Why would the DOD believe they could get away with it? The answer is Covid. Based on flimsy, adulterated, data regarding illness and deaths, an ‘expert’ named Fauci whipped the country into a frenzy. Economy-killing lockdowns were supposed to solve the transmission of the disease. It didn’t, So then they moved on to the useless injunction for mask wearing. That didn’t work either. Well, no matter. The pandemic would certainly yield to the inadequately tested, unapproved, dangerous vaccine which was actually not a vaccine at all. It is a genetic experiment with totally unknown outcomes. Statistics are showing that for all the danger the vaccinated are unknowingly accepting, the ‘vaccines’ don’t work either.

Country after country followed the lead of the U.S. as it caved to the ‘experts’ on the handling of a pandemic that wasn’t. In one country after another millions of people protested the nonsense of lockdowns and masks, and got nowhere. Despite the indoctrination that we live in a democracy, the naked truth became clear. We the people simply don’t matter. And our votes don’t count.

That’s what the DOD knows. They’ve apparently decided that if Fauci could fool the world and with dire consequences, they could to. I’m betting that the next American war will be, for the first time in our centuries of making war, on our own soil.

How the Plague of Corruption Is Killing Mankind

Reprinted from Joseph Mercola.  Includes interview with the incomparable Dr Judy Mikovitz.

See unmodified article at Mercola.com 


…. We won’t be able to end these plagues of scientific and academic corruption unless or until scholars and scientists honor their professional obligations and responsibilities.

“That’s the point of the book, and we wouldn’t have this mess if people like Tony [Anthony] Fauci and Bob [Robert] Gallo didn’t get away with this thin playbook for things like Ebola, Zika and the autism epidemic, all the way back to HIV/AIDS,” Mikovits says.

Selling Out Public Health for Profit

“Plague” and “Plague of Corruption” detail the scientific discoveries made by Mikovits and Ruscetti, which include the scandalous findings that the blood supply and vaccines are tainted with disease-causing retroviruses, and the U.S. government has been hiding it for decades. The books read like fast-paced thrillers and offer a view into the halls of scientific inquiry, to which few people ever are privy.

Book No. 3, “Ending Plague,” is primarily Ruscetti’s story. By 1983, when Ruscetti hired Mikovits as a lab tech at Fort Detrick, he’d recently discovered T cell growth factor, later renamed interleukin 2. He’d also discovered the first disease-causing human retrovirus, called human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-11) or human T cell leukemia virus, back in 1980. The book starts with Ruscetti’s story and perspective.

“The motivation for writing the book is not something new,” Ruscetti says, “and unless we change the fortunes of every man, it’s just going to get worse. [During] the AIDS epidemic, we were at an impasse. What most people don’t realize is that it shouldn’t have been at an impasse then, because if you look at the rest of the world, the No. 1 cause of death among women of child bearing age is HIV.2

That’s a rather extraordinary statement. The leading cause of death among child-bearing women in the world is HIV/AIDS, but do you ever hear anything about that?3 If not, why do you think that is? In short, health agencies have done a terrible job over the last several decades, selling out public health for profit. As noted by Heckenlively:

“Public health has not been serving us well for the past 40 or 50 years. What I think is really extraordinary about Frank’s story is he really details how science has gone wrong. We like to think of science as this democracy of experts: top people in their field discussing how the science should move forward. But public health is not like that.

Starting in the 1970s with Nixon’s war on cancer, which accelerated under Reagan, these ‘czars’ of science were created. Tony Fauci is one of them. And then they demoted the other scientists to be like serfs. We don’t really have that many ‘government scientists.’ We have a lot of scientists under contract with the federal government, and this has really set up a system where people like Tony Fauci essentially control public health.

I think if people understood that the system itself is set up so that relatively few people are in charge, then all of this makes more sense. So, when they talk about in the media ‘science is deciding this,’ ‘science is deciding that,’ it’s really not.

It’s just a relatively small handful of people, almost like a holy bureau of science, and that’s what we’re attacking. What we’re trying to do is, we’re trying to move science back to its original roots in which everybody who is qualified has a voice and can contribute to the discussion.”

Too Much Power in Too Few Hands

Fauci has been the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. In the 37 years since, he’s been responsible for doling out research funding that amounts to nearly $1 trillion. Who has received those taxpayer dollars? Primarily those who are aligned with the drug industry. It’s become an incestuous relationship that revolves around the creation of profit, while the public receives virtually no benefit.

In fact, in many cases, public health has suffered tremendously, and people have no concept of what has happened, or how their ill health is the outgrowth of corrupted policies and conflicts of interest. Heckenlively says:

“The comparison I make is that Fauci has been head of National Institute for Allergy and infectious Diseases longer than J. Edgar Hoover was head of the FBI. [Editor’s note: Actually, Hoover was head of the FBI for 48 years, from 1924 to 19724Whether you’re right, left or middle, nobody believes that anybody should hold that kind of power for that long.

In fact, having that kind of power in and of itself is a really bad idea. I think [Fauci] really is a terrible person because not only has he been in charge of this system, he helped design this system. We need to get rid of Fauci and keep the next Fauci from taking power.”

Importantly, Fauci and Big Pharma not only control the funding of research, they also control what gets published and what’s buried. Fauci is the reason you’ve not heard about HIV/AIDS being a leading cause of death among women of childbearing age, worldwide. This statistic is censored, just like facts about COVID-19 treatment and COVID shots are censored.

As explained by Mikovits, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which primarily affects women, is basically AIDS without the HIV. It’s an immune dysfunction, and it can be traced back to contaminated vaccines, biologics and blood supply that have been used for decades.

As detailed in “Plague,” Fauci was a key figure in covering up the true cause of AIDS, which was incorrectly blamed on homosexuals and drug addicts. By fraudulently changing the definition of the disease and denying the presence of exogenous viruses, so-called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related viruses or XMRVs, they prevented women from getting correct care. Mikovits explains:

“The definition was ‘Only HIV can cause AIDS,’ and we’re looking at the same thing right now. There never was a SARS-CoV-2 monkey virus in hundreds of millions of people. They’re being transmitted through the [COVID] vaccine, and through recombinants it can happen in only two weeks.”


… viruses are not like other living organisms. They’re very promiscuous in their swapping of genetic codes. In April or May of 2020, [people said] ‘This bat virus seems to have some HIV spike proteins and sequence.’ How is it that you got monkey sequences in a bat virus?

Our contention is that this common practice of growing viruses in different animal cultures, including human cultures, is creating these Frankenstein viruses which will have genetic sequences from the mediums in which they’re grown …

The belief in the ‘80s was that the HIV virus is hiding out in the T cells, which made absolutely no sense. It is true that as the disease progresses, the T cells would absolutely be taken out. That was an indicator of the infection, but what Judy and Frank were saying is that the HIV virus can’t be hiding out in the T cells, especially because you got the development of AIDS dementia, and the T cells, are not [found] in the brain.

Judy’s seminal work with Frank was finding the actual reservoir in which the HIV virus lived, which was the mono site macrophages. If I understand Andy Kaufman’s claims, I think he’s throwing out the baby with the bath water. Judy is showing how the virus cause damage and how the establishment is wrong, and how some of these alternative people are missing part of the argument as well.”

SARS-CoV-2 Was Spread by Injection

Mikovits makes a number of shocking assertions in this interview. Among them, that SARS-CoV-2 was spread through the regular use of vaccines that had been contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus because of manufacturing practices.

…….  .

What Is the Hidden Agenda?

In summary, Mikovits and Ruscetti’s work demonstrates an important principle, which is that viruses do not travel alone. They travel in groups, and while one may affect one part of the immune system, another type will produce other immune responses. The end result is what we diagnose as the acquired immune dysfunction or deficiency.

For example, HIV alone does not cause AIDS. To develop AIDS, you need multiple environmental toxins like glyphosate, aluminum or a coinfection of HIV and XMRVs. Again, XMRVs are found in vaccines that have been grown in animal tissue.

The XMRVs cripple your innate immune system, including your natural killer (NK) cells. This then allows the HIV to take out your adaptive immune system, the T and B cells, resulting in disease progression and if left untreated, death. In CFS, the primary coinfection is that of XMRVs and herpes viruses.

Mikovits is convinced that what is now being called “long-haul COVID” is the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein activating and recombining with XMRVs — introduced via vaccinations — and the HIV virus. She also believes those who are most susceptible to dying from the COVID shots are those who are already coinfected with XMRV, HIV, Borrelia, Babesia and other pathogens commonly acquired from contaminated vaccines.

What this all means, then, is that in order to protect yourself against the disease, you cannot focus on protecting yourself against a single virus. The answer is to make sure your immune system is strong enough to take on whatever it encounters. Absolutely never get another inoculation of any vaccines until all of the appropriate testing is done and the contaminants removed, as they should have been decades ago.

That’s why the pandemic measures have been so detrimental. Mask wearing, sheltering indoors and staying in a state of perpetual fear all dampen your immune function. The question is, why did those in charge make sure they did everything to lower our immune defenses?

“For me personally, it is the best evidence that this was not simply a series of mistakes by those in charge,” Heckenlively says. “There had to be some other agenda. I’m trained as an attorney. I have people lie to me all the time. I’m always questioning people and I look at what’s done. Can I prove it? No, but it seems like an amazing pattern of mistakes to just be the result of stupidity or politics.”

Ending Plague

“Ending Plague” goes deep into the history of all this and provides a framework for understanding how something so devastating and disruptive could happen now, in 2021. The basis of this has a lot to do with the actions of Fauci and Robert Gallo, Ph.D. Fauci, for example, was responsible for discrediting all AIDS treatments other than AZT — the drug that he sponsored.

He kept insisting that more randomized controlled trials were needed, yet he held the purse strings and refused to fund the very studies he claimed were required to prove these other treatments. AZT meanwhile, cost $5 to make and was sold for $10,000 per dose. AZT wound up killing some 330,000 people due to its toxicity.

The very same pattern is playing out today with COVID-19, and Fauci is again playing a lead role. Is that really a coincidence? He’s been warning against the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and he’s downplayed the importance of vitamin D sufficiency and any number of other things. According to Fauci, the COVID “vaccine” is the only way forward, and now we’re seeing thousands of people around the world dying within weeks of their injections.

Copyright © Dr. Joseph Mercola


Patents Prove We’ve Been Duped: Covid Is a Manufactured Virus

This mind-blowing article appears on Dr. Mercola's site today.  I've abbreviated it here.


Story at-a-glance

  • Hundreds of patents show SARS-CoV-2 is a man made virus that has been tinkered with for decades. Much of the research was funded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and may have been an outgrowth of attempts to develop an HIV vaccine
  • In 1999, Fauci funded research at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to create “an infectious replication-defective coronavirus” specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. This appears to be the virus that became known as SARS-CoV
  • U.S. Patent 7279327 shows we knew the ACE receptor, the ACE2 binding domain, the S-1 spike protein, and other elements of SARS-CoV-2 were engineered and could be synthetically modified using gene sequencing technologies
  • The CDC holds patents to a SARS coronavirus that is 89% to 99% identical to the sequence identified as SARS-CoV-2, as well as the PCR test to diagnose it
  • 120 patents detail supposed “unique” features of SARS-CoV-2: the polybasic cleavage site, the spike protein and the ACE2 binding, proving it’s not a novel virus at all.

In a January 2021 lecture, Jonathan Latham, Ph.D., introduced the term “the pandemic virus industrial complex,” to describe the academic, military and commercial complexes that are driving the pandemic agenda and obscuring facts that indicate SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade virus.

In the video above (see Dr. Mercola’s site), David E. Martin, Ph.D., introduces shocking evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is indeed a manmade bioweapon, and has been in the works for decades. Much of this research was funded by none other than the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.


And what we found … are over 120 patented pieces of evidence, to suggest that the declaration of a ‘novel coronavirus’ was actually entirely a fallacy. There was no novel coronavirus … it’s not been novel for over two decades. ~ David Martin, Ph.D.

CDC Holds (and defends holding) Patents on SARS Coronavirus ….

The Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex Is Swimming in Profit ….

It now seems clearer than ever that everything we’re experiencing was planned and executed with a profit motive in mind. Armed with this new knowledge, I urge you once again to reclaim your life, your freedom and independence, and resist this manufactured notion of a “new normal.” A new normal will surely be established if we persist, but it will be the converse of what the pandemic virus industrial complex is hoping for.

Bad Actors and Covid-19: What Comes Next?

by Cameron Salisbury

Our public health system has thoroughly discredited itself, as everyone knows unless they get their news from the main stream media.  CDC has been caught cooking the books on Covid for both illness and deaths.  Anthony Fauci should be prosecuted for lies that destroyed the economy, and for contributing to the weaponization – known as ‘gain of function’ research – of a virus in China.  The WHO in Geneva has its own passel of lies to defend.

The current ‘vaccines’ are agents of death and disability as is now well known by the Establishment- their dangerous results a well documented fact carefully and deliberately hidden from you by the main stream media (MSM).  There can be no accounting yet for the amount now  owed by US taxpayers who are on the hook to compensate vaccine victims since pharmaceutical companies were long ago granted freedom from liability for their deadly products. Big Pharma’s release from responsibility was also a release from accountability.  They now have no reason to create safe products.  So they don’t.

Around the world, every locked down nation including the U.S. has seen millions of its citizens demonstrating against the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, which you wouldn’t know from the evening news. No one ever voted for the destruction of healthy economies in service to a nonexistent pandemic based on doctored numbers. No one lobbied for the destruction of childhood education, for robbing the dying of their families, for closing colleges and universities, for creating a rampant abuse of narcotics and alcohol.  Why are voices of the citizenry ignored in a democracy? How, and why, did we get here?  Can we get out? What is ahead?

Now that populations in almost every country have shown Dr Fauci and his clones how easy it is to frighten and then manipulate the world, its a given that they will try it again.  In fact, now that news readers concerns about Covid-19 ‘infections’ are dying away, they’ve already cooked up another reason to intimidate us.  A new variant now appearing in almost every state, we’re told, is even more contagious and deadly than the original.  Aside from the words of shrill, paid charlatans, there has been no evidence that we have anything to fear from the Delta virus.  We’ve seen no numbers of cases or deaths, nor any indication of genuine illness.  They haven’t yet started screaming about overrun emergency rooms or hospitalized patients.  Why is that?  Could it be because there are none?  Maybe they’re trying out a new scam to see how well it plays before launching into overdrive. They are probably pinching themselves in wonder over how well the last scam worked.

And Big Pharma must be beside itself over the profits they’ve generated from the experimental genetic manipulation that they’ve been able to sell as a ‘vaccine.’  The FDA was never asked to approve it.  It’s administered without the informed consent required for experimental drugs.  No one knows what the long term effects will be, but many, many, professionals have tried to warn the public to stay away from any injection or drug  that manipulates genes, has no FDA approval and, actually, no history of any kind.  And experimental injections should be kept far away from vulnerable children, who may suffer long term, or deadly, damage.  Incredibly to numerous censored physicians and other thoughtful observers, there has been no official push back to the idea that children are expendable if profits are involved.

Ok.  What comes next?

Currently, according to censored information, there is a massive amount of side effect damage among all of the so-called ‘vaccines’ (see Dr. Mercola’s website.).  Since vaccines normally take years to develop, anything brought to market at ‘warp speed’ can be expected to make problems for us.

Instead of relying on Big Pharma to keep us well it seems like time to learn to do it ourselves.  First, trust your own body.  You were gifted at birth with a powerful ally for health:  your God-given immune system.  Maintain a healthy, organic, diet and trust it.

When the immune system is overwhelmed, we should listen to the voices of the knowledgable men and women who are on our side.  That excludes our tax-collecting government, the FDA, the CDC, Dr Fauci’s NIH, and all of the media who get their marching orders from the White House and regurgitate them without research or question.

And what have those voices been saying? They’re saying that a few simple practices could have put away the scare and saved us and the economy.  The vitamins and minerals, available everywhere and extremely effective, are vitamins  C, D and the mineral zinc.

Vitamin C alone can save us from much more than Covid.  Take several grams every day – stop when it gives you diarrhea -and notice how much healthier you are.  You will be resistant to colds, the flu, and any other bugs that try to invade your cells.

If more firepower is needed to combat an illness like Covid, savvy doctors, like Dr.Scott Atlas and Dr. Mercola, recommend a few safe, cheap and possibly extremely effective drugs that have been used for years and have a nonlethal history.

Drugs like hydroxychloroquine, an old drug used for malaria, which President Trump used and recommended, and ivermectin, a decades decades-old anti-parasitic drug which has shown good results against Covid. There is also remdesivir.

Don’t expect any official recommendation for therapies that enrich neither Big Pharma, the medical profession, or our government.  In fact, Google removes alternative medical possibilities from it’s search engine.  You will find the most life-affirming, best, information at the websites  for medical and other alternatives listed at the right.

There are other things you can do.  Resist.  Refuse to wear masks.  Stick with your social obligations and your family.  Find an honest school where you can send your kids.  Form groups who believe in the same rights that you do and who refuse to be intimidated.

Judging from the millions of protesters, we are on the brink of freedom.











More Data on Covid Crimes

This article is from Dr. Mercola although he speaks for millions of professionals that you aren’t allowed to access  ……

Reports of deaths and serious injuries from the COVID-19 jabs have been mounting with breakneck rapidity. Those who look at the numbers and have some awareness of historical vaccine injury rates agree we’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere in the world. While data can be hard to come by for some countries, the ones we can check reveal deeply troubling patterns.

United States — As of June 11, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) had posted 358,379 adverse events,1 including 5,993 deaths and 29,871 serious injuries. In the 12- to 17-year-old age group, there were 271 serious injuries2 and seven deaths. Among pregnant women, there were 2,136 adverse events, including 707 miscarriages or premature births.3

All of these are bound to be undercounts as, historically, less than 10% of vaccine side effects are reported to VAERS.4 An investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put it as low as 1%.5,6

Be that as it may, the reported rate of death from COVID-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years, and it’s about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,7 which historically has been the most hazardous.

The COVID shots are also five times more dangerous than the pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which had a 25-per-million severe side effect rate.8,9 Assuming the COVID shots had the same side effect rate, and assuming some 200 million got the vaccine, the estimated number of people suffering a serious side effect would be about 5,000. We’re well past that already, as 35,86410 people have been seriously injured or killed.

Even though there are nearly 6,000 reported deaths in VAERS, this number is likely seriously compromised. I recently interviewed Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who has treated COVID patients quite successfully, and we discussed the very distinct possibility that everyone who receives the COVID jab may die from complications in the next two to three years.

He personally knows of 28 COVID jab deaths that were not accepted by VAERS. Zelenko suspects the number of deaths may exceed 100,000 already.

Getting the COVID jab immediately places the injected individual in the very high risk of dying from COVID. Most have the false assurance that they are protected, but in reality, they are far more vulnerable and as a result will not take very aggressive proactive measures to avoid dying from pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement before it is too late.

Please be sure and make a notation in your calendar to review my groundbreaking interview with Zelenko this Sunday, July 4, 2021, which is only three days away. We will review protocols you can use to protect you and your family or those you love, who now regret getting the COVID jab.

European Union — In the European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions from COVID shots, called EudraVigilance, there were 1,509,266 reported injuries, including 15,472 deaths as of June 19, 2021.11 EudraVigilance only accepts reports from EU members, so it covers only 27 of the 50 European countries.

Remarkably, about HALF of all reported injuries — 753,657 — are listed as “serious,” meaning the injury is life-threatening, requires hospitalization, results in a medically important condition, significant disability or persistent incapacity.

U.K. — The British Yellow Card system had received, as of June 9, 2021, 276,867 adverse event reports following COVID “vaccination,” including 1,332 deaths.12

Israel — According to a report by the Israeli People Committee, a civilian body of health experts, “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.”13 For example, Israeli data show boys and men between the ages of 16 and 24 who have been vaccinated have 25 times the rate of myocarditis (heart inflammation) than normal.14

(Myocarditis is also affecting teens and young adults in the U.S. Although CDC officials say no confirmed deaths have been reported, at least two deaths have been linked temporally to the vaccine.15,16,17,18,19)

Australia — In Australia, two people have died from blood clots after taking AstraZeneca’s COVID shot. Meanwhile, only one person — an elderly woman — has died from COVID-19 this year.20,21

If Something Goes Wrong, You’re on Your Own

The pain and suffering these shots have already created is hard to imagine. Clearly, millions around the world have had their lives turned upside down by them. Many may not recover, physically or financially. It’s really important to realize that if something goes wrong, you’re largely on your own.

Before you make the decision to participate in this unprecedented health experiment, it may be wise to assess your personal insurance and financial ability to handle a serious injury, as pandemic vaccine manufacturers are indemnified against lawsuits. You cannot sue them for damages. Nor can you sue the government or anyone else.

If you are injured by a COVID shot and live in the U.S., your only recourse is to apply for compensation from the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Act (CICP), under which COVID-19 vaccines are a covered countermeasure.22 The CICP is run by a sparsely staffed agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Details and hyperlinks to benefit request forms can be found in the Congressional Research Service’s legal sidebar, “Compensation Programs for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries.”23 You cannot apply for and will not receive compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which covers other vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

Compensation from CICP is very limited and hard to get. In its 15-year history, it has paid out just 29 claims, fewer than 1 in 10.24,25,26 You only qualify if your injury requires hospitalization and results in significant disability and/or death, and even if you meet the eligibility criteria, it requires you to use up your private health insurance before it kicks in to pay the difference.

There’s no reimbursement for pain and suffering, only lost wages and unpaid medical bills. This means a retired person cannot qualify even if they die or end up in a wheelchair. Salary compensation is of limited duration, and capped at $50,000 a year. On top of all that, you cannot appeal the CICP’s decision. Appeals simply get reviewed by another staff member in the same office.

Can You Afford a COVID Shot Injury?

Even if they can get it, CICP awards are likely to be a drop in the bucket for most people. The average award is $200,000, and death cases are capped at $370,376.27 Meanwhile, you can easily rack up a $1 million hospital bill if you suffer a serious thrombotic event.28 You must also pay for your own legal help and any professional witnesses you may need to support your claim.

In early June 2021, KRDO news reported29 on the case of Kendra Lippy, a 38-year-old woman who had no health complaints prior to getting her Johnson & Johnson shot. Within a week, she developed headaches, abdominal pain and nausea. Her diagnosis: Severe blood clots that progressed into multiple organ failure and coma.

She had to have most of her small intestine removed and will need total parenteral nutrition for the rest of her life — a feeding method that bypasses her gastrointestinal tract. She was hospitalized for 33 days, including 22 days in the intensive care unit. She now needs occupational and physical therapy to regain basic functions like walking, writing and holding a fork.

Lippy’s hospital bill already exceeds $1 million, a sum she’ll likely never be able to pay off, and there’s no telling what kind of medical treatment she’ll need in years to come. Clearly Lippy is headed for bankruptcy, and medical bills are the most common cause in the U.S.

Additional Stipulations That Make Payouts Rare

There are also time stipulations. You must file a request for benefits within one year of the date the vaccine was administered in order to qualify. This is a serious barrier, as serious side effects can take time to develop. For example, after the 2009 swine flu pandemic, people started reporting Guillain-Barre syndrome years after getting the pandemic H1N1 vaccine. At that point, they no longer qualified.30

Worst of all, however, is the fact that it is now your responsibility to prove your injury was the “direct result of the countermeasure’s administration based on compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence beyond mere temporal association.”

In other words, you basically have to prove what the vaccine developer itself has yet to ascertain, seeing how you are part of their still-ongoing study! The CICP is also notoriously secretive about why claims are approved or rejected. As reported by the Insurance Journal, “it doesn’t release even the most basic details such as the kinds of sicknesses people claim they got from vaccines.”31

As of June 1, 2021, 1,360 Americans had sought compensation from the CICP for injuries and deaths arising from pandemic countermeasures, but only 869 were deemed eligible to file a claim.32 None has been adjudicated. Professor Peter Meyers, a former director of the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic, who has referred to the CICP as a “black hole process,”33 warns that it’s a “lousy program.” He told Life Site News:34

“It’s a secretive, opaque program whereby some unknown officials within the Department of Health and Human Services will make decisions; we don’t know how many people are adjudicating, who they are, or what the process is.”

The secrecy means there are no official statistics on the types of injuries people are filing for, or what countermeasure is said to have caused their injury. By the way, vaccines are not the only countermeasures shielded from liability. Hospital treatment errors are shielded too, and we know some hospitals routinely killed patients, whether they had confirmed COVID-19 or not, by placing them on ventilators even when they didn’t need it.35

Can You Trust These White-Collar Criminals?

As mentioned, pandemic vaccine makers are shielded from financial liability. The only way you can sue is if you can prove “willful misconduct,” such as deliberate deception, fraudulent behavior or hiding relevant information. To get around this, vaccine makers may simply not look for certain problems.

The potential for infertility is a perfect example. The spike protein is suspected of having reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries.36 Despite that, Pfizer did not perform any reproductive toxicology tests. Since they didn’t look, they can with a straight face say they “didn’t know” the shot might cause reproductive failure. The thing is, they should have suspected it, and done the tests to make sure.

Already, we’re seeing signs of reproductive toxicity. Data suggest the miscarriage rate among women who get the COVID “vaccine” within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is a whopping 82%. The normal rate is 10%, so this is no minor increase. Infertility will be far more difficult to ascertain, and could take decades.37

In a May 28, 2021, letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Drs. Ira Bernstein and Sanja Jovanovic and Deann McLeod, HBSc, of Toronto, pointed this out by highlighting that preliminary safety studies published in the NEJM in April 2021 were in error by including “clinically unrecognized pregnancies” in them.38

They included adjusted graphs reflecting this, and asked the study’s authors to remove the erroneous data but, interestingly, their letter disappeared from the internet the last week of June, although it was still in Wayback archives as of June 27, 2021. Coincidentally, June 17, 2021, the NEJM republished the April study with no explanation as to why it was being republished and with no adjustments to the data.

Considering the criminal history of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, it’s hard to understand how millions of people trust these companies not to lie in order to make a buck. As reported by Life Site News:39

“Just three main vaccine makers, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, have been ordered by state and federal courts to pay a combined more than $8.6 billion in fines to resolve dozens of allegations of criminal and civil misconduct.

Pfizer alone was fined $2.3 billion — the largest such settlement in history, according to the Department of Justice — for willfully defrauding and misbranding its drugs that had already been yanked from shelves for their documented dangers.

But for six whistleblowers who brought evidence forward against the company, it may have continued misbranding and selling its dangerous wares.

‘We’ve made a trade-off in America,’ said Meyers, in giving vaccine manufacturers liability protection to ensure that they will keep making vaccines that, before legal immunity, were bogged down in lawsuit litigation for side effects.

Manufacturers who make cars or ladders or other products can be sued if they are faulty. Vaccine makers have blanket liability to ensure their products are produced, government funding to produce them, ensured government orders for products, government-paid mass-marketing and mandates …

‘The tradeoff seems unfair today because the CICP program is such as flawed program,’ said Meyers, particularly when vaccine companies are raking in colossal profits (Pfizer is set to haul in $26 billion from its COVID vaccines this year and COVID vaccine manufacturing is churning out billionaires whose annual salaries are multiples of a decade of CICP payouts to dozens of people).

The CICP benefits are ‘stingy compensations,’ he added, for people who are suffering and waiting in the face of corporate greed and government opacity. Notwithstanding the drug companies’ criminal records, Meyers thinks they would be ‘crazy to risk misconduct.’ If it turned out that vaccine makers were actually hiding information on risks of COVID vaccines, he said, ‘it would be a catastrophe.'”

Are Government and Big Pharma Guilty of Willful Misconduct?

I don’t know about you, but the feeling I get when I look at the cascade of injuries and deaths occurring within days or in many cases mere hours after injection is that something is terribly amiss, and vaccine makers are sweeping it all under the rug. Isn’t that willful misconduct? Failing to perform reproductive toxicology tests after they discover that spike protein accumulates in the ovaries — isn’t that reprehensible willful misconduct?

Continuing to claim that the mRNA stays in the shoulder muscle when they have data showing it gets distributed into virtually all organs in the human body — isn’t that hiding important information? Isn’t that reprehensible willful misconduct?

I would argue that government officials are also guilty of medical maleficence. As noted by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,40 the most current version of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that governs these COVID shots reveals the FDA opted not to require stringent post-vaccination data collection and evaluation, even though they had the power to do so.

Again, if you don’t look for injuries, you’re unlikely to find them. If there’s no robust data collection and review process, they can say the shots are safe and shuttle them through the licensing process far more easily. The problem they’re now facing is that VAERS is getting such an overwhelming number of reports that even if they account for only 10% of actual injuries, or less, it’s absolutely unmistakable that there are serious problems.

Failing to require vaccine makers to put together a comprehensive system to capture adverse event data is a sign of incompetence at best. But that’s not all. The FDA really starts appearing deceitful when refusing to acknowledge that the VAERS reports indicate there are problems.

To call “coincidence” more than 35,000 times is simply not believable, and to dismiss the risks of permanent disability and death as being “worth it” is beyond heartless, seeing how we have safe and effective treatments and no one actually needs to gamble their health on an experimental gene therapy.

COVID Shots Are Clearly Riskier Than Advertised

As noted in a June 22, 2021, Wall Street Journal article,41 while VAERS cannot tell us whether the shots were causative in any given side effect report, when you see clusters of reports that form a trend, it’s time to investigate.

Four serious adverse effects that are currently trending are thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), noninfectious myocarditis (heart inflammation), especially in those under 30, deep-vein thrombosis and death.42

In order for such effects to be tolerable, even if rare, the vaccine (or drug) would need to be absolutely crucial for survival. Think of a highly infectious pandemic of Ebola, for example — something where death is swift and virtually assured, and treatment, once infected, is ineffective.

None of those criteria apply to COVID-19, which has a lethality rate on par with the seasonal flu for all but the elderly and those most frail. The vaccine would also need to be an actual vaccine — something that provides immunity. COVID-19 gene therapy injections don’t do that either.

Overall, it’s clear that deaths and injuries from these shots are being swept under the rug, and we cannot allow that to continue. We must keep pushing for transparency, honesty and accountability.