A 21st Century Nation of Immigrants

by Cameron Salisbury

Over and over you hear it from the far left: We’re a nation of immigrants, we all came from immigrant ancestors, so what’s wrong with having our borders violated by aliens today?

Well, so far the invasion of the U.S. by an estimated 22 million illegal Mexicans and others from Central America hasn’t seemed to be terribly disruptive. We have lots of new Mexican restaurants and tons of low-pay, low-skill, lawn mowers and house cleaners. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? Except for the prospects of our own lower class which has seen its wages stagnate, decline, and disappear due to the competition from unskilled, illiterate, non-English speakers who will work for almost nothing, and the businesses that are happy to employ them.

But the impact of mass immigration has effects far beyond the convenience of low-paid aliens.

The tolerance for migrants, into a now settled country with laws and borders, changed drastically with the election of Joe Biden in ways that Americans will no longer be able to let slide. Many thousands of aliens with no appreciation for our laws, our history,

or our way of life are now entering the country monthly and being bussed throughout the country by the federal government. Sixteen thousand camped out under the bridge at Del Rio, Texas, recently, secure in the fact that Biden’s government would take care of them. Another 60,000, it’s reported, are making their way through Mexico now.

The Haitian travellers are doing their best to obscure the fact that they did not come from Haiti. They have been living in Chile, Bolivia and other South American countries for years, perfectly safe, as attested to by the hundreds of discarded driver’s licenses found in the Mexican desert. They just didn’t want to support themselves, They preferred American taxpayer support for food, education for their kids, housing, and all other government hand outs. An estimated 25% are diseased and need medical care, They are also well aware of handouts available from our charities. Local food banks and others are being tapped out leaving little for needy Americans. To stay afloat, charities advertise incessantly for your donations.

We know who is paying to keep these people in the U.S. – us. But who is paying for the migration of these people? Panama and Costa Rica were so anxious to get rid of these aliens that they used their own money to bus them to the border. The same cannot be said for their South American points of departure or for Nicaragua, Honduras, or Mexico. George Soros has been paying to undermine America through Black Lives Matter and antifa. He’s been accused of funding false flag operations. Is he also feeding and transporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to the U.S. to destabilize the country?

What affect will that have on our ability to access medical care, housing, food stamps, charity services, and on our taxes? What affect will it have on our crime rate and our police protection? The European Union, with its millions of recently arrived Arabs, has been overwhelmed with crime against the natives and especially against women.

The deported Haitians tried to hijack several of the planes returning them to their home country. They have had numerous reported altercations with other Haitians and with border agents. Do we want these people here? How are they adding to our lives?

As millions arrive in this country speaking their own language, they maintain their native customs once here. It’s well documented that Somalis who reside in the U.S. continue the illegal practice of genital mutilation on their own daughters.

It’s also well documented that numerous aliens residing in America never learn English. It’s possible to find Mexicans who have lived in this country for 30 years who can’t communicate with non-Spanish speaking Americans. There are so many aliens living here that they don’t have to bother learning English. They have their own community.

What language will the Haitians choose to speak? It’s guaranteed that, like Mexicans, they will also form their own community once they are rejected as unwanted transgressors by their new, financially strapped, countrymen. Without skills or literacy, they will have no way of achieving the American dream that they came for.

We could be looking at the incipient balkanization of the U.S.

What happens when disaffected foreigners buy guns?

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